Meet the Venue Owners 

MEET THE OWNERS: Mark + Pam Stalvey, Owners and Operators of Oak Hill Farm

These two have molded Oak Hill Farm into the beautiful property it is today. What started out as a small horse barn, has grown into a unique Wedding Venue + Airbnb… all because of them! They are the masterminds, designers, creators, and builders of the venue.

Let’s start with Pam. She loves this Farm, Wedding Venue, and Airbnb with all of her heart and it is her greatest joy to share it with others. She has poured herself into creating what you see today. She has designed it all, thought of it all, and the best part is… her ideas are never-ending (which Mark absolutely loves lol). Aside from being a Professional Organizer, Pam also manages our Silo as an Airbnb and she has such a big passion for that. Her hospitality is absolutely unmatchable, down to the special touches that she includes for each individual guest. Pam spends lots of time corresponding with and assisting our brides to prepare for their special day. She’s available literally 24-7 to answer questions or provide advice or guidance to our brides and their families.
On wedding weekends you will find her praying with our brides right before they walk down the aisle, maintaining the cleanliness of the venue, and making sure our brides have the best day imaginable. In her spare time, Pam enjoys spending time with her grandson and family, hosting family get-togethers, and traveling!

Next, Mark is the person who brings the “Farm” side of Oak Hill Farm to the table! In addition to his full-time day job, he manages our 80 head herd of angus cattle, our hay growing operation, serves as President of the local Cattleman’s Association, and makes sure the venue site is ready each week for weddings.
Mark has invested a lot of sweat-equity into much of what you will see at Oak Hill Farm. From fencing to building construction, he’s had a hands-on approach to getting things done and making the vision come to life. With our farm being a Centennial Family Farm, Mark grew up with his feet in this soil, raising children here and helping make Pam’s ideas come to fruition with the venue. Family roots are very important to him and he values his time with his family, while also enjoying seeing others enjoy this beautiful piece of land. In his spare time, Mark enjoys riding on the tractor with his grandson, (the fifth generation living here on Oak Hill Farm), hunting, fishing and traveling with Pam.

Mark and Pam’s 30 -year marriage has been grounded on God, hard work and love for this land, and love for each other. They welcome each bride + groom and their family to the property with open arms each weekend. 
Meet the Legacy of Oak Hill Farm 

Tommy + Nan Stalvey

For over 60 years, Tommy and Nan, aka Poppie and Nana, have been instrumental and involved on different levels with Oak Hill Farm. Being born and raised on the property, Tommy has seen many changes over the years. In 1913, Marcus Futch acquired the land that Oak Hill Farm is on. In 1932, Tommy’s parents, Annie Belle and Eason Stalvey, inherited the property and farmed it on and off while raising their family on the land. Tommy has seen many different crops and uses on the farm up until turning over the cattle operation to Mark in 2010. Their steadfastness in maintaining and protecting the property has been instrumental in helping it become what it is today.

Even today at 83, Tommy is still fixing fence and checking the herd daily, as well as mowing grass and performing other chores. Nan is our go-to person for keeping us fed with meals when we are busy. We are thankful for her willingness to babysit anytime or giving us rides to different fields while in the midst of farming.

It is only through Tommy and Nan’s thoughtful planning and actions, that the farm is being passed down to future generations to love, manage, enjoy, and share with others. In Tommy’s words, “Annie Belle and Eason would be so proud of what the farm has become today.”
 Meet One of the Next Generations 

Elizabeth Stalvey Danforth + Jacob Danforth
Social Media Manager & Farm Assistant

Elizabeth Danforth, aka Liz, is the youngest of two daughters of Mark and Pam. Liz graduated from ABAC in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Communications. She currently has a full-time career with the Georgia Department of Agriculture. During her time at ABAC while taking a media communications class, she was asked to create a social media outlet and measure its engagement for a project. At the time, her oldest sister was soon to be the first to get married at the farm, so she chose to create a wedding venue/farm FB page for Oak Hill Farm. She created the page late one night and the next morning woke up to several wedding and photography inquiries, not intending for that to happen at all! And… so it all started.
Liz manages our social media outlets, answers messages, emails, and created/manages our website. She schedules all photography sessions and wedding venue tours that Pam conducts. She also fills in the holes whenever Pam cannot do tours for brides and sometimes helps Pam coordinate weddings. In 2017, she started her own herd of black angus cattle to merge with Marks. She now serves as the Secretary of the local Cattleman’s Association. Lastly, she is Marks right-hand girl during hay season, with her most favorite part, operating the baler.

Jacob Danforth became a part of the family in May of 2020 when he married Liz. Jacob was born and raised in Eastman, GA but came to South GA to attend college at Valdosta State University, where he met Liz. He graduated from VSU in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. When Jacob and Liz started dating, he quickly came to enjoy farm life and all it has to bring.
In addition to his full-time career with Barnes Healthcare Services, Jacob helps in all aspects of the farm including our hay production and working and feeding cows. He also lends a hand at the venue when he’s needed and utilizes his wood-working skills for the venue too. He is our “Jack of all trades.” In his spare time, he loves hunting, fishing, and wood-working. 
 Meet One of the Next Generations  Pt. 2

Caroline Stalvey Haney, Austin Haney, & Will Haney

Caroline Stalvey Haney is the oldest daughter of Mark and Pam. Caroline and Austin were the very first to get married at Oak Hill Farm under our special Oak Tree. Their wedding helped give us a vision to start our wedding venue and that’s so special to think back on. The work that was done on the farm to prepare for their wedding was the beginning of creating the venue.
The barn that is now used as the dance floor, used to be our old horse barn. Caroline has always been our horse girl and Mark built the barn just for that and her horse named Dixie. We hope each and every guest that walks the venue grounds can feel Dixie’s presence, as she is such a huge part of what makes the barn so special.
While busy as a young mother and having a full-time career with Professional Case Management based in Valdosta, Caroline helps Pam as one of our wedding directors and fills in as wedding director when needed. Caroline is always on stand-by whenever any venue or farm help is needed. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family, relax on the beach, and read a good book.

Caroline’s husband, Austin Haney, has a full-time career with the Georgia Department of Health. Austin was born and raised in Woodstock, GA but came to South GA to attend Valdosta State University, where he met Caroline. He graduated from VSU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and then received his Masters in Biomechanics. Austin helps around the venue with any technical or IT issues that arise. We also call upon him with his mechanical skills to help us around the farm when needed. In his spare time, he loves cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs and Boston Bruins, spending time with his family, and playing guitar.

Finally but most importantly, Will Haney, who is the future of Oak Hill Farm. Will is our source of constant entertainment, laughter, and love. Will loves the farm, all things tractors and cows, and everything that farm life brings!